Astor School

Astor School is a private education institution that focuses on the development of successful individuals. The education process is based on the Ukrainian Education Programme. From Year 1, children are taught business literacy and leadership skills enabling them to create their own projects whilst still at school, and to successfully secure places on the most sought-after management and business degree courses at universities in Ukraine and other countries upon graduation.”

Licenses, team and partners

“The school is licensed to carry out educational activities in the field of Complete General Secondary education at the level of preschool and primary education, basic and specialised secondary education.
Teachers, partners and other team members are certified professionals with extensive experience, devotion and passion for their work.”


Astor School is located in an ecological suburb of Kyiv, on the shore of a picturesque lake of the City Lake housing estate. We aimed to combine a convenient location and offer an essential touch of nature and fresh air, which is lacking in the busy city’s central districts. And we succeeded! The commute to our school from the centre of Kyiv during rush hour takes only 28-35 minutes, and only 10 minutes by the ring road.


Astor School is based in a modern premises, built and tailored to our specific needs, in compliance with all construction and sanitary standards. This ensures that all children feel safe and comfortable on the school grounds during their studies. Our school boasts spacious classrooms, a large gym, a modern canteen, an equipped medical centre and all other necessary facilities. Our private kitchen and dedicated team guarantee the freshness of the food and the possibility to adapt the menu to meet specific dietary requirements.