Astor School

Astor School is a private education aimed at educating successful people. Learning process is based on the Ukrainian educational program. From the first  grade, children learn business literacy and leadership. This gives students the opportunity to create their own projects at school and after graduation – contributes to the successful entry into the faculties of management and business of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine and other countries.

Licenses, team and partners

The school has licenses for educational activities in the field of general secondary education at the level of preschool and primary, basic secondary and specialized secondary education.
Teachers, tutors and other school staff are certified professionals with a long-time experience and a real passion for their work. Just like the school partners.


Astor School is located in the ecological suburbs of Kiev, on the shores of the picturesque lake of the residential complex City Lake. The place was chosen not by chance – we wanted to combine the convenient location of the school with clean air for children, which is so lacking in Kyiv. And we succeeded! The way to the school from the center of Kyiv at rush hour takes only 28-35 minutes, and from the bypass road to the school is only 10 minutes.


Astor School is located in a modern building designed specifically for the school in compliance with all building and sanitary standards. This ensures a comfortable and safe stay for children at school during the school day. Our school has spacious classrooms, a large gym, a modern school canteen, a medical center and other necessary facilities. Having our own kitchen guarantees the freshness of food and the opportunity to make an individual menu.