Investing in a modern Astor School building is a reliable and fast-return real estate investment.

Investment project from Astor School

The architectural design, floor plan and equipment of the Astor School building were valued highly by the Deputy Minister of Minregion and the local authorities.

Astor School - new, contemporary education

Astor School is a new modern school in the suburbs of Kyiv with Ukrainian and Canadian study programmes and an emphasis on leadership and business development from the first class.

Our projects

All of our projects are developed taking into account all the requirements of the construction of educational institutions. This is a unique project that has no analogues.

Construction status
A newly built, individual building commissioned and fully renovated according to the modern design standards by MARTIN Architects Studio.
Building area
The area of ​​the two-floor building is 1,362 square meters, built in accordance with the construction standards of educational institutions, designed for 140 students
Investment attractiveness
Investors become the owners of the building and receive an income from the monthly rental payment immediately after investment.
Premises rental
Astor School pays monthly rent. The rental amount is calculated in such a way that it allows the return on the investment in seven years.
Invest profitably!

Return on investment plan

The total value of the Astor School building is 1,041,825 USD
Year Annual rent cost, UAH
1 3 150 000
2 4 725 000
3 5 355 000
4 6 300 000
5 6 300 000
6 6 300 000
7 6 300 000
Total for 7 years: 38 430 000

Investment project from Astor School

The management of Astor School is interested in increasing the number of modern educational institutions in Ukraine, therefore, invites everyone who wants to invest in real estate and accumulate profit from rent to join the partnership.
Who can invest?

Parents of students, private investors, companies and organisations interested in a profitable investment in real estate can invest and become the owner or co-owner of the Astor School building.

What does the investor receive?

The investor becomes the owner or co-owner of a new modern building and receives an income from the monthly rental payment immediately after investment. The payback period is up to 7 years.

Investment options

Depending on the capabilities and desire of the investor, he can invest in 100% of the cost of the premises and be the sole owner, or invest partially and be a co-owner of the building.

Ownership stake of the premises

You can invest 100%, 75%, 50%, 10%, 5%, 2.5% and 1.25% of the value of the building. Regardless of the share of ownership, all investors become co-owners of real estate and have equal rights.

Cost of the premises?

The Astor School building, which is designed for 140 students, has an area of ​​1,362 sq.m., with a completed turnkey renovation and an equipped outdoor playground is valued 1 041 825 USD in total.

Why do we attract co-investors?

One investor can’t always have the capability and resources to cover the entire cost of the school, so we involve other parties. As a result, people or organisations with different incomes have equal opportunities to become co-owners of the school premises.

How to invest in Astor School?

Thank you for your interest in investing in the premises of the educational institution. Currently, in most cities of Ukraine, there are not enough places in schools, and even more so, there are not enough new schools that are built and equipped according to modern requirements.

By investing in an educational institution you are not only reliably investing your assets in modern and liquid real estate, but also investing in the future of children by increasing the number of places in schools.

Investment stages

Stage one

  1. Complete and submit an application on the Astor School website.
  2. Meeting with the founder of the school and a tour of the premises.
  3. Obtain copies of ownership documents for review and verification.
  4. Receive detailed information on the future lease agreement and monthly payment amounts.

Stage two

  1. The signing of the preliminary contract of sale of the premises.
  2. The signing of a preliminary lease agreement with fixed rent amounts.

Stage three

  1. Depositing funds according to the selected investment plan.
  2. The signing of the primary contract of sale (in case there are two or more co-investors, the main contract is signed by all co-investors on the same day, after which they become co-owners of the building).
  3. On the same day, the co-owners and Astor School sign a long-term lease agreement, and after the first month, the co-owners receive the rent payment.

All expenses for the notarisation of purchase, sale and lease agreements, as well as taxes, are borne by the seller and the lessee.

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