Astor School Kriukivshchyna

We invite you to the modern school Astor School Kriukivshchyna, which is located in the modern suburbs of Kyiv!

Astor School in Kriukivshchyna is a new modern four-storey building. This is a primary school from 1st to 4th grade, the number of students in classes – up to 20.

The school is designed for 180 students. The school has classrooms, rooms for individual lessons, a medical center, a dining room, a separate large gym and playgrounds.

Astor Primary School in Kriukivshchyna is a full-time educational institution (from 8:00 to 19:00), where the first half of the day is devoted to NUS education and individual approach to each student, and the second half of the day is development clubs and sections. which are aimed at the comprehensive development of the child in accordance with age and physiological characteristics.

Address: Kriukivshchyna village, Ivan Franko street, 79.

Phone: +38 098 435 44 55


School grades 1-4

  • Monthly payment – $ 400 / month (10 months)
  • Additional classes and clubs are included in the price
  • Transfer services – UAH 2,200 / month
  • Meals (5 meals a day) – 130 UAH / day
  • One-time entrance fee – $ 500


  • Cost for 10 days – UAH 6,000.
  • Cost for 1 day – 650 UAH.
  • Meals are included in the price.
  • All classes and entertainment are included in the price.
  • Excursions are paid extra.
Astor School Крюківщина

If you want your child to receive a high level of education and study in a modern school, then hurry to book a place now!

ASTOR SCHOOL – це приватна початкова школа з 1 по 4 клас, яка розташована в с. Крюківщина напроти ЖК “Євро місто”, за адресою: вул. Івана Франка, 79.

Переваги навчання у нашій школі:

  • англійська мова з native speaker;
  • сучасні освітні програми;
  • великий вибір гуртків та додаткових занять;
  • вивчення фінансової грамотності з 1 класу;
  • повне матеріально-технічне забезпечення;
  • збалансоване 5-разове харчування;
  • повний день перебування з 8 до 19.

Якщо Ви бажаєте, щоб Ваша дитина отримала освіту високого рівня та навчалась в сучасній школі, тоді покваптесь забронювати місце вже зараз!

Contacts Astor School in Kriukivshchyna

Kriukivshchyna village, Ivan Franko street, 79.

Astor School Крюківщина