The main purpose of the Children’s and Youth Sports School is to attract children, adolescents and young people to the systematic training of physical culture and the Olympic sport – golf, as well as training the sports reserve for the national team of Ukraine and the Olympic golf team.

Our school employs experienced and qualified golf coaches who during the last 6 years have provided introductory golf lessons for more than 2,000 children, most of whom continued regular exercises and some young athletes show a high level and win prizes in international competitions.

In 2021, the GOLFPRO SCHOOL organized a partnership with the Astor School, a public-private school located near the golf course, as a result of which the students of the school can combine education and systematic training in golf.

We invite children from the age of 7 to 16 to take golf lessons. The school is located and conducts trainings in the suburbs of Kyiv on the golf course of the National Park “Mezhygirie”.

Golf is not just a sport; it is an intellectual game. According to TopCrop, golf is one of the best and most responsible sports for children.

After all, golf is:

  • good exercise for the muscles;
  • develop concentration and analytical skills;
  • the likelihood of injury during the game – very small;
  • the physical load is small.

All this brings maximum benefit and minimum harm.

Requirements for students of sports school:

* age 7 – 14 years old

* The possibility of regular training.

Classes are held by the first coach of the Ukrainian national golf team, Gennady Drobyshevsky.

Hurry up!

Students’ enrollment has started, and the number of places is limited.

For more information and pre-registration to the school please call:

+380 (63) 192 26 02

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Kyiv region, Vyshhorodsky district, Novi Petrivtsi village, 19 Ivan Franko street.