Elementary school: grades 1-4

We responsibly and individually approach the formation of a successful personality from the 1st grade of Astor School. We teach children self-confidence and develop an interest in learning.

Educational program

The program is based on state requirements and modern Canadian methods. In addition to general subjects, 1st graders study English, French and financial literacy. Before enrolling in our private school, children are interviewed to determine their aptitudes, talents, and individual potential.

Additional classes

The school operates full time. After school, students work on projects, learn to communicate and interact with classmates and children of other ages, attend numerous workshops, financial and business clubs, do sports, music and creativity, play educational games.


For effective learning in each class - the maximum number of 20 children

Work schedule

The school is open on weekdays full time: from 08:00 to 19:00


Students are recruited in grades 1-4.