Distance and individual education

Study comfortably… Own individual educational trajectory. Homeschooling. We will take into account all your wishes.


Independent learning. Submission of semi-annual / annual evaluation. Possibility to complete two classes in one year.

Distance Learning

Individual schedule of classes with the help of information and communication technologies according to your own educational program.

Family / home education

Studying at home, provided that parents create appropriate conditions with the assessment of knowledge 2-4 times per school year.

За рік дешевше
Оплачуючи річний курс навчання  отримуєш знижку 10 %
Індивідуальна програма
Враховуємо Ваші можливості та побажання при складанні індивідуального плану
Кураторський супровід
Консультації, електронний щоденник, контроль якості знань та методична база
Залучення до життя школи
Дозвілля, екскурсії, літні табори, консультації психолога – все для соціалізації учня

Distance and individual education are real

Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Education” gives the right to receive education in various forms. Astor offers various forms of learning. We will create comfortable conditions for you to get a school education.

Why Astor School?

We take into account all your wishes and suggestions when choosing a form of education and developing an individual educational program.

Are there materials for self-control?

We offer educational cases on subjects, tests for self-control, access to e-diary, educational communication, e-mail.

Are you preparing for the State Final Certification and the External Evaluation?

Learning takes into account the preparation of students of final 4, 9, 11 grades for the state final certification and external independent assessment.

What are the suggestions for alternative schools?

We offer a flexible payment system, educational and methodological support for students and teachers, e-diary for each student, individual approach.

What document will we receive?

Upon graduation, a document of the state standard is issued: certificate of achievement, report card, certificate of basic / complete general secondary education.

What and how best to choose?

You will learn about the peculiarity of each form of education, details of the educational process by calling the curator of distance and individual learning – 044 504 21 26.