Secondary school: 5-9 grades

After the 4th grade, children will be able to continue their studies in the favorite private school of successful people, develop their talents and unleash their potential with the professional team of Astor School.

Educational program

During grades 5-9, children gain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success and goals, make responsible decisions in the future, education and self-education in adult life. More time is spent working on the project, studying business and selected subjects, preparing for External independent evaluation, State Final Certification and entering college.

Additional classes

After lessons, students continue classes in selected clubs and trainings. They deepen their knowledge of business and management, the art of negotiation, presentations, critical thinking, including MBA Kids and financial literacy schools. They are engaged in sports and creativity, communicate and relax.


For effective learning in each class - a maximum of 20 children

Work schedule

The school is open on weekdays full time: from 08:00 to 19:00


Recruitment for grades 5-9 of the school for 2022-2023 has started